Strobing 101

Strobing 101

Strobing. It’s not a new dance move or new millennial saying — it’s actually refers to contouring’s dramatically simpler sister. Strobing is actually not a new technique; it’s been around in the makeup game for many years—you might know it as highlighting. Strobing is basically highlighting to the extreme and letting the highlight define your facial features without the use of bronzer or contour. The main goal for strobing is to concentrate a highlight on the highest points of your face, where light would naturally hit, to create a “glow from within” dewy, radiant complexion.

Contouring VS Strobing!

Contouring = placing dark shades around a certain area of your face to give you shape and accentuating certain features by placing shades of light around those areas.

Strobing = placing highlights on areas of your face that light naturally illuminates, giving you a bright and dewy effect.

Curious? Youngblood’s Illuminating Palette provides an easy way to get in on the trend. Developed with six unique highlighting shades, this palette is perfect for all types of skin tones. Let’s learn how to strobe. 


Our brand new Illuminating Palette has six unique oil-free and easy-to-blend cream shades. These highlights are formulated with candelilla wax — a natural gloss that nourishes your skin without a sticky effect — and mica, which provides a soft and dewy shimmer. Because of its cream formulation, these shades lock in moisture and are easy to apply. In fact, you can apply one of the highlights with your fingertips, foundation brush, or powder brush! Like all Youngblood products, this palette is free of synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, alcohol, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals.

Give yourself that fresh-faced glow, start with your skin prepped and moisturised. Next, you’ll want to choose a shade that best matches your skin tone. To avoid that ’90s frosted look, make sure the shade you choose gives you a natural sheen. After choosing your shade, you’ll want to apply the highlighter in spots that naturally catch the light.

Traditionally, these areas are: the corner of your eye, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, forehead, and middle of your chin. By placing your highlight in these areas, you’ll enhance your natural features. Avoid spreading the highlight all around as it will appear to give you more of greasy look rather than a light, dewy glow. After applying the highlighter, choose a matte blush and your favourite lipstick and you’re ready to go.