5 Lip Laws

5 Lip Laws

Luscious lips, with a slick of your best lipstick coating them, is that one makeup trick that always, without fail, completely brightens your face to say “no, I wasn’t up all night watching Stranger Things”. Much like a milkshake, the perfect pout never fails to bring all the boys to the yard, but it’s not always easy to achieve.

There is more to lipstick than just coating it on and heading out the door, especially if you want a high impact lip colour that looks better, lasts longer and works hard for you all day long. To get Kylie’s incredible pout, or a Victoria’s Secret approved high-wattage smile, follow these vital ‘lip laws’ to help make that glamourous pucker the topic of conversation:

1- Exfoliate your lips: As with any part of your body, your lips can get extremely dry and flaky (especially when you’re a fan of matte lippies). Gently exfoliate your lips to rid them of any dryness to make sure that bright, bold lipstick slides on flawlessly for easy application. For added moisture, use our Hydrating Lip Crème in a light application for a smooth base for your lipstick.

2- Apply foundation on top of your pout: It can really blow when that lipstick you’ve been dying to try looks like a completely different colour on your lips! This is because everyone’s natural lips are a different shade of pink, affecting the pigment’s appearance on your lips. If you want to see the true colour in the tube, ditch the pink canvas you were born with and coat your lips with a thin layer of foundation, blending over the lip line for the exact colour you want.


3- Always, always, always use a lip liner: The lipstick gods are looking down on you, so do it! Your lipstick or gloss can ‘bleed’ into your skin’s fine lines around your mouth without a protective barrier surrounding those gorgeous lips of yours. Lip liner acts as a prison wall to your lipstick, keeping it literally within the lines of your lips, creating a more defined and plumper pout. Top tip: Line the top lip with a lighter liner, and the bottom lip with a darker tone of your lipstick colour to trick your eyes into seeing a fuller lip.

4- Highlight your cupids bow: If you’re looking for a more defined pout, use a highlighting powder like our Lunar Dust, of luminous pencil like our Illuminating Duo Pencil on your cupids bow, making them appear plumper, fuller and brighter. We also recommend using our Ultimate Corrector to trace around your lipstick before applying the highlight to create a sharp outline, making your lipstick look more bold and striking against your skin tone

5- Use the finger glide technique: We’ve all been privy to the ultimate lipstick fiasco; the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth horror that you only discover in the afternoon when you finish work… great. We’ve got a weird but wonderful technique to prevent this throughout the day; the classic finger glide. When wearing a bold lip colour, or one that is prone to transferring onto any object or person it comes in contact with, position your lips around one of your fingers, and glide it through your lips. Yes, you may look strange, but any excess lipstick inside your lips will come off on your finger, and not your teeth.