5 Must-Have Contouring & Strobing Products

5 Must-Have Contouring & Strobing Products

Contouring hit the beauty arena in 2015, with the likes of heavyweight influencers the Kardashians, the Jenners and Gigi Hadid sporting the trend and pulling it off flawlessly, with strobing – emphasising where the sun hits the face with luminous products – not far behind.

So, it’s safe to say these beauty trends are not going away any time soon! Defining and highlighting your face to create a makeup illusion of cheekbones so sharp they could cut through glass, and skin so glowing it could blind you, is now more popular than ever, and so easy to recreate these looks with the best of the best contouring and strobing product on the market!

Contour Palette – Our palette designed specifically to sculpt and define the face with natural shades and tones is your perfect solution to a bare, depth-less face. With 6 shades altogether, 3 for contouring and 3 for highlighting, this palette is a go-to product for giving your face some definition and life, creating a flawless nose, defined forehead, and cheekbones to die for.

Illuminate Palette – Our newest addition to the Youngblood family, the strobing palette will become a go-to product for creating a luminous flush and brightening your features for an all over radiant look. With 6 easy to use, blendable crème shades, how you wear it is entirely up to you! We recommend pairing this with the contour palette for the complete defined look.


Mineral Radiance – One of our most adored product, our Mineral Radiance provides warmth and definition to your face, with or without a contouring palette. Providing equal parts radiance and depth, our bronzed shade give you a healthy, natural look, perfect for contouring, bronzing and highlighting! We recommend our hero shade – Sundance – for the best all-round, multi-tasking bronzer.

Luminous Crème Blush – Tired of using powder formulas to do something a cream texture is born to do? Sometimes a cream formula is the perfect option to create the perfect on-trend strobing look. The oil-free formula of our Crème Blushes combines the right amount of shimmering glow, with a sheer, long-wearing hint of colour. This is made to highlight your best features

Lunar Dust – With light-reflecting mineral built into this loose powder, our Lunar Dust is perfect for strobing without the mess of a cream. Giving the right amount of glimmer to your face, without fear of looking shiny (we’re not trying to do the highlighter challenge here…), this wonder works to highlight and bronze, adding nothing but luminous glow to those places where the sunshine hits.