Celebrity Spot


From Cheryl Cole to Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba and Whoopi Goldberg, Youngblood has garnered a following of international celebrities. Discover what they have to say about us and why they love our products.


Jessica Alba

Jessica advocates Youngblood as part of her daily makeup regime. No wonder she looks so flawless!

Actress Tara Buck Wears Youngblood..

What are your top three favorite Youngblood Cosmetic products?

Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint is the one product I wear almost every day. I love the brow kit (the two shades and the brow wax are a welcome solution for someone who’s naturally light brows almost appear invisible without assistance) and Tangelo Lipstick is my new favorite. That gorgeous coral orange color is so feminine. It’s perfect for summer but I live in California so I’m starting to wear it now.


Ola Truly loves Youngblood

“She (Ola) Truly loves your products, and would have no hesitation in recommending it. All her other make-up and mine will now be going in the bin, and will be replaced by your range.”

Ola Jordan’s Manager, Nicola Brunez

Cheryl Cole

“I used the mineral foundation from Youngblood cosmetics as it evens out her skin tone without smothering too much, leaving behind the radiance.”

Cheryl Cole’s X-Factor Makeup artist, Lisa Laudat