4 Top Tips For Sensitive Eyes

4 Top Tips For Sensitive Eyes

You’ve finished your fabulous smoky eye look, but now your watering, itching eyes are making your night out a little less glamorous than you pictured. You may feel like tossing your eyeliner, but don’t lose hope – those with sensitive eyes can still rock their favourite makeup looks! Follow these eight makeup tips to keep the irritation at bay and enjoy the makeup application process once more.

1. Steer clear of the waterline
You might love the look of tight lining or applying heavy liner on the lower waterline, but it’s not worth it if your eyes are watering because of it. Apply your eyeliner only on the top and/or bottom lash lines (where it’s dry!) to reduce the aggravating effects of liners.

2. Opt for “healthy” brands
Many makeup brands contain petrochemicals, fragrances, parabens, and other inflammatory ingredients. Make sure the products you use are free of nasty additives to avoid redness and irritation.Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin, making the non-comedogenic line a great choice for those who struggle with eye sensitivity.

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3. Check your eyelash glue
If you wear false lashes regularly, make sure the glue you use to apply them isn’t part of the problem. Certain eyelash glues contain latex and other ingredients that can cause allergies, so try switching brands if you’ve noticed more redness or watering than usual.

4. Don’t share eye makeup
It’s tempting to let your friend borrow the mascara or eyeliner you swear by, but the golden rule of avoiding eye infections and sensitivity is to always keep your eye products to yourself. Your bestie will understand!